Holy crap!

I completely forgot to update the blog yesterday. Much sorry. So disappoint. Wow

Anyway, I’ll take my train back to my house in Liguria in less than an hour, but I’ll stay there only for a few days of course! Bambi recently started a new job so she’ll be busy enough to not pay attention to the months which are still separating us.

ImmagineWe started talking about how are we gonna spend our New Year’s Eve’s holiday and I found out that no matter how bad my day was or how nervous I am, whenever I plan holiday with her I feel better. Not only because it’s always good to imagine us alone and finally together, but also because it makes me feel more adult and more mature and people who actually know me are aware that most of the time I’m not.

Back to my girlfriend, I still wasn’t able to understand if she went to a program under her university or whatever, all I care is she coming here in less than 4 months and then she will be spending 8 whole months here in Italy! I’m carefully planning every weekend or day off from university I can get, not to mention Xmas and Valentine’s Day. Moreover she’ll finally be able to attend to my Birthday party, a feature far more valuable than gifts or cards or whatever imho 😛

Now to the blog. I’m not sure how wise my professors were when they decided to teach Web Technologies. I mean they’re outrageously interesting and funny and powerful and make me feel like I actually learnt something valuable, but goddamnit DID THEY HAVE TO SKIP PHP? For anyone who doesn’t know, PHP is a programming language mainly used for Web Applications (such as WordPress itself), and I still can’t use it, I really want to customize this blog as much as possible and not being able to do so already really upsets me 😥 . Maybe in the future I’ll move the blog where I’ll be able to use my newly acquired skills, in the meantime whatever happens to this blog will be Bambi’s fault. So blame her! 🙂

Ok, I’ll better get prepared to go. It’s SO good to be back! I missed writing here!



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