While you were sleeping

I realize that most blog posts are written due to insomnia, and I’m also one to never break tradition.

Faby came to visit me for the Christmas holiday and is now back in Italy, nestled in his giant bed, softly sleeping. I am currently wide awake due to a mix of personal health issues and that fact that I just really miss that boy…


Honestly, one of the reasons I can’t sleep tonight is for having watched “Her”. As most people with a long distance relationship already know, a huge part of staying close today is reliant on technology. While watching the movie, I realized how many similar approaches both Faby and I take to stay close as Joaquin Phoenix does in the film with his computer. Definitely an eye-opener if you’re curious as to how many long distance relationships work. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I felt like I was dating my iPhone! (My iPhone however doesn’t have such a pretty face <3)

Even though it was a well-done film, it can’t help but remind me that you’re gone again and there’s only time left to wait. Some days are just a little harder than others.

Until then, I’ll keep my phone close by.



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