My point of view

Just like I promised, here we are!
First of all, it looks like I used all my luck in july. Since I started working like every other summer, all I got was back aches and stress! Anyway I still remember the night spent at the airport waiting for my flight to New York. Then after several hours I finally arrived at your place more dead than alive but with enough strength to get my new haircut done the way you wanted. 😛
One of the most surprising things I noticed was the warm welcolme everyone gave me when I got home and until the very last day I found everyone to be extremely friendly and available! I enjoyed so incredibly much our holiday at the lake not only because it was our first chance to be completely alone but also because it was one of the few instances of us doing something like a real couple (which I admit to be a flaw in our relationship, even though it’s not our fault). I had a full load of meat for 18 days which stopped only during our holiday where I could appreciate your falafel, pizza and veggie. Sometimes I think about our last night together with a smile. You were clearly in a lot of pain and I was so fuzzy I barely knew my name or where I was but still I kept rubbing your head trying to make you feel better. Anyway I’d like more of these experience in the future, maybe with headache pills. 😉
The following days where filled with shopping, trips to the mall, library and some time just for the 2 of us, I feel like I couldn’t ask for anything more. The only problem was knowing everything had a expiration date and I clearly remember how painful were the last days trying to have fun while being conscious I had to get back here where all I can do is working and studying in my freetime…
I think the moment I treasure the most is the cinema-dinner-walk combo date we had 4 days before my return. It all seemed so simple yet perfect and (more importantly) it was completely natural, like we’ve been doing that stuff so many times we were completely at ease with it (and that’s NOT our case). I remember every single detail and I enjoed every moment of it (including the glass of wine each of us had XD). Hopefully we will be able to share some of those moments without being haunted with me or you leaving again. I’m particularly happy you like the necklace, for it is not only a gift but something tangible and real I wanted you to touch and grab whenever you feel like all of this is too heavy for you. I’m sorry I’m not able to put on words all I keep inside of me but as I said I’m going through a pretty tough period and it won’t be over before another month, during which it can only get worse.
Hope I don’t sound too melodrammatic!! I’m just being a crybaby because all I do is working and studying and barely getting any sleep 😛
I als wanted to improve the blog but in order to achieve waht I want I will have to study a lot more, so for the next weeks I hope you’ll be ok with this…
I’m sorry this period is being hard also on your side and I hope you’ll be able to survive it with the same intentions we had when we were at the airport waiting for my plane to take me back home. It has been without a doubt my best holiday in the whole year and I can’t wait to get there again.
Con tutto il mio affetto, amore e dolcezza,
Tuo per sempre,


P.S. As a bonus, here’s the video showing the house we spent the most awesome holiday ever! Enjoy and remember I’m italian and I also have a LOUSY camera ;P



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