The Visit


Summer is now coming to a close. I find myself more surprised than anyone else, but then again, I was lucky enough to have it fly by with the people I love. To aid me through the disappointment of not being able to return to school (and therefore leaving my job for nothing) was the sheer joy of the season. Here’s Faby’s visit in a few pictures.

photo6We celebrated my birthday together in a way I couldn’t ask better – going away with my first boyfriend to a small city on the lake. There we spent two days filled with good food, walks, and fresh air. Considering as you’re the first boyfriend in my life, I can offer no comparison, but the laughs and love that still emit from my memory gives good inclination that what we shared was a genuinely special moment in the world. Happiness is best found in simplicity. photo




This visit was also filled with a few surprises as well as secrets. The hush-hush news of my cousin’s ability to have a child as well as the surprise necklace from Faby that arrived in a little blue box. I gave my own little surprise to everyone when I made the decision to become a red-head.  I have to admit, it’s definitely made life become a little more



The rest of our time we filled with little trips into the great already-known, stumbling upon symbols of hope in the most unexpected places.  Your visit proved to be too short, just as most visits tend to be, but the bond that was created and the fears that were left in ruins made every moment (and every dollar saved) worth it. Looking back on the memories and looking forward to the future keeps me going, even when you’re 4400 miles away.

















Finche’ non ci vediamo,

Bambi ❤




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