So far so good

ImmagineNothing quite interesting happened in the past two weeks… Actually I think the climax was last saturday when I finally got my wisdom tooth pulled out. Funny fact: the dentist had to give me three times the anaesthetic dose since it’s fairly known I’m highly resistant to painkillers and stuff. On the good side I felt absolutely nothing during the whole operation. On the bad side I spent the rest of my day with the left side of my face completely paralyzed XD. I also got to keep the tooth!

I’m literally spending any freetime I’ve got in the library, desperately trying to get ready for the exams which are due in 15 days, not that I won’t be able to get in America if I don’t pass them at the first chance, but still I think it would be good to get closer to the moment I finally graduate. This means I’m not available to do any housework, and since it looks like I’m the only one who cares about living in a true house instead of a farmhouse, it also means my apartment is rotting down… (Un)Luckily, I recently discovered since I won’t get enough credits this summer, I will lose my scholarship. That means no more 5000 € per year, no more taxes reduction and I’ll have to leave my apartment in september! At first it was quite the shock, since I hate any important changes in my life. Little by little I’m getting used to this fact and I’m desperately trying to see the good sides of it (better internet, maybe a place more clean, MAYBE a room all by myself). We’ll see in the following months. 😛

Ok, I’ve spend enough leisure time. Let’s get back to study.

Love you so much, my dear, dearest Bambi


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