While you were sleeping

Considering you are living in the future (love you, time zones), I often find it difficult to find something to pass the time when I’m not working.

I could always make an epic ballad while facing the sea…

But who hasn’t done that already?Image

So I often finding myself to turning to multiple alternatives. Such as using photo editing devices to offend my friends. Which, you know, aside from its plethora of perks, tends to die out quickly (along with your friendships). And then in the end I’m still left staring at tumblr for hours while drinking copious amounts of tea and pondering on the sudden importance of thigImageh gaps. 

Then I took to pampering myself. I went out with one of those lasting friends I bribed with delicious dinners and bottles of wine so we could get pretty girly girly plastic stuff (i.e. acrylic nails). For a while I questioned the enjoyment of this lunghissimo (and smelly) process, until a met a magical thing called “warmed hand towels”. Suddenly the $40 seemed ever so reasonable and I walked out with hands looking like the most fashionably shiny talons to have ever graced mankind. Side note: Wonderfully fit legs seen in photo, unfortunately not mine. 

Pampering I find to take on many forms. I took it to mean food.


And Power Rangers. 

Tanti bacini,



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