Here I am at last!

The past two weeks have been quite exhausting. I recently realized I have less than a month until the final exams for which I have been preparing unitl now (so physics, elettronics and software engineering). More over, my parents  told me my main priority is to pass them and then I’ll be able to get in America. No need to say I’ll study like a mad in order to pass the exams at the first(out of three) occasion, so I’ll be able to get there in time for you precious birthday. In case I don’t… I’ll get there in time for your precious birthday! 😛

No way I’m gonna lose your first birthday party as my girlfriend, and judging by the preparations we’ve made in the past days, is gonna be freaking awesome!! I can’t hardly wait!!! There are gonna be gifts, smiles, happiness, flower, you, me. Do we really need anything else?!


Poi cos’altro? Last night I finally used some of the pudding mix you gave me as a birthday gift! On the good side it was delicious, on the bad side I clearly have no idea what pudding is, see for yourself..

I recently find out Bologna can also be quite funny if you know where to look! I know you probably won’t give this city another chance, but I hope you remember this place… It’s where we had our first pizza date!! I just discovered its name, check it out!


On the other side, I was walking aimlessly in some random street and look what I found. ImageToday I discovered some more of these “pieces of art” but I didn’t took picture of them :(. I’ll try to take some more pics next time, I promise!
Now I better get back to my bed. Tomorrow I have quite an exhausting day: studying, classes, 5-hours-journey-by-train, giulia’s birthday party… I can’t do this….
I wanna pass the exams. No matter what. I will.

Love you so much,


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