So, I got back yesterday from Lavagna and, after spending several days alone resting both my body and my mind, I’m ready for the final session of studies! Tomorrow and Sunday I’ll be locked in the library trying to fill my head with formulas, laws and whatever I’m gonna need to pass the exams on june at the first attempt! As you already know I’m counting on coming there right after the 25th of june so that I’ll be able to spend 20 days with you!! Can’t wait XDXDXD! While it’s true I didn’t study that much in the past week, I feel like if I really pushed myself maybe I can be able to do it, even though I never managed before to pass 3 exams in a row…

Even though May is barely started, I’m already dealing with the hot temperature and humidity the goddamn Bologna is providing me! I can’t stick my nose out of my house without becoming all sticky and sweaty (gross XP). I hope I can leace asap from here before it truly becomes like being locked in a big oven… 

As you also know two days ago I was supposed to have some pleasuring time with friends since the was May, the 1st. Lat year I went with them in a restaurant up in the mountains to enjoy some typical cuisine and then we had a lovely day at the beach. Turns out this year I barely spent a couple of hours at the usual bar and then I got back home… Seriously?! Ok it was cloudy/rainy and there are not so many options where I live (clearly not like you guys 😉 ) but I could have used having a day more memorable 😥
Not too many news this week.. B-O-R-I-N-G…
I had some laugh with Paolo today though, he told me he keep dreaming about hanging around with the two of us! Was it so memorable back there? XD 

Hope you’re doing great!
Con tutto il mio affetto, tuo per sempre


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