Eccoci di nuovo!

Time for an update! Last week I got back to my hometown and lots of stuff happened (kidding!). I spent the weekend looking for my oldest and dearest pal: my very first Playstation! Sadly I couldn’t find it but at least I enjoyed reading the books I had when I was a child (I literally loved books since infancy) and I was moved when I realized how much road I’ve made in the last 15 years and how much I still have to do!! Sunday was Letizia’s birthday party with the relatives and everything went pretty smooth. Now, I was supposed to leave for Bologna on Monday but on the way back from school, my little sister Noemi was ambushed by an unknown immigrant who tossed her on the ground and stole her mobile! The poor thing got a bit traumatized and even some bruises where the dude grabbed her. No need to say my parents and basically everyone who knows my family started a manhunt for the bastard who did this. Luckily enough Noemi got better and she even scored a brand knew mobile (even cooler than mine or yours 😉 ).


My journey back to Bologna started at 7 a.m. and so I could enjoy quite a sight of my train station and I hope you’ll appreciate it too! The journey lasted 2:30 h more than what I thought so I got home almost dead and with no force whatsoever to withstand 5 hours of classes, so I decided to stay at home and since I got fairly hungry I baked my very first focaccia!


I gotta say the look could’ve been better, but the tasted was almost like a bad quality product from any normal bakery, which is not bad ad it sound considering my poor skills and means. I’ll have you taste it!


Last two days were still spent at the bar studying and hanging out with my friends, therefore there’s not much to say except we had a fun night at the cinema where we went months ago to see Wreck-It Ralph. This time we watched Iron-Man 3 and I really enjoyed it! I suggest anyone reading this should at least give it a try because it’s one of the best comic movies ever made filled with action, humour and Gwyneth Paltrow (what else could anyone possibly ask for?!?). Joking sweetheart ;). I love you more!! Well, I summarized my last week on this blog, brushed my teeth, flossed them (as you know I’ll have to remove one of them 😥 ), so I guess it’s time for me to go to bed hoping to hug you at least in my dreams, while waiting for June to come and, with it, my journey back to your country and to you, beloved Bambi!

Con affetto,


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