Settimana intensa ma neanche troppo…


As the title says, last week was quite boring and at the same time extremely intense! No news about school, family or friends… I studied, went to the gym, did my duties like a good boy and in the freetime I enjoy cooking something like another homemade pizza. This time the dough was left 7 hours resting and maybe that was one of the reasons the pizza didn’t come out as I eanted (the other reason being the oven not getting hot enough -.-), anyway it was good enough to making me want to try again and do better!

As you know I spent my last three days fighting with one of the most important people in my life (second only to you). I’ll admit I could have avoided the whole thing by being more sincere and openminded and I really risked to lose this person, but thank to your precious advices I managed to solve (or at least make it less painful) the matter and now I’d dare say  I got even closer with this person and I hope it’s the same for him! I still feel guilty though and I hope I’ll be able to completely make up for it in the future, so I think I’ll ask for your help again, my love!foto6

My life keep being wasted between library and home duties such as going to the grocery where I could appreciate the effor made by my regular store to provide me with some american deliciousness at a fairly cheap price.What do you think Bambi? Wanna try it out?

foto4Today I lost the sense of time while chatting with you so I had only a few minutes to decide what to eat for lunch, so I rushed at the fridge and checked out my options: a piadina bolognese and a mozzarella left from sunday’s pizza, so I thought “why not?!”. I took the wrap, put it on the grill, sliced the mozzarella, added some oil and salt and voila!

Now, I don’t want to brag about this, but I feel like I could seduce you a thousand times with this! Think of it, two of the most addicting food you ever had here mixed together! IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT!!!

Dinner was spent at the Irish Pub, I had my usual sandwich (hope you remember this little boy 🙂 ) then I got back home, studied a couple of hours more just to feel more safe about coming in American as soon as possible and then I’m gonna go straight to bed! My last thought goes to you, my dear, dearest Bambi!

With all my love,



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