Easter in Umbria


Here we are, back in town! Let’s get started by remembering how did I spend my easter’s holiday in Umbria. First of all, I HATE travelling by car as a passenger, it’s without a doubt the most uncomfortable way for me to spend 4 hours. Anyway we got at the hotel at about 6 PM, had a quick but delicious dinner (no pics 😦 ) and then I went straight to bed.


The first day was great. As probably no one knows, there is an artificial waterfall in Umbria (courtesy of ancient romans) called Cascata delle Marmore and it’s a massive touristical attraction, surrounded by a lovely forest up in the mountains. Tunnels around the zone let people get underneath the waterfall itself in order to get them properly soaked (I litterally dove in it.)

The walk took approximately 2 hours and we celebrated it with a sandwich in a bar close by. Because of the bad weather, we couldn’t fully enjoy the afternoon visiting the near towns, even though we managed to get a few pictures of the area and by 7 PM we finally get back to the hotel. It was such an exhausting day I litterally collapsed on the bed!


The second day went smoother. The weather was nice enough to allow us to go to the summit of the mountains surrounding the area. After a one-hour trip by car we reached the top and  I quickly went losing myself among the cows and the  horses (always been an animal’s lover since a child). Sadly enough I almost got rammed by a bull because I didn’t noticed a calf next to me, so the beast started running towards me with his horns lowered and only by not running and keeping my hands ahead of me I was able to get back to safety (with mom yelling at me for my being careless).


The afternoon was spent visiting another town which surprised me by showing off their english knowledge. Now, I know my english is anything but perfect, but there’s a line which shoulnd’t been never crossed and I saw that line being surpassed waaay too many times.


Last part of the trip was a visit to Assisi, hometown of Saint Francis and crowded more than usual since the new Pope choose Francis as his nickname. I suggest anyone with any slight religious feeling should pay a visit there sometime in their life. It nicely brought a close to our trip, leaving me with good feelings while heading back to Bologna.






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