A ‘Mini’ Celebration


On Sunday we celebrated the 50th birthday of my dad. He dined on a nice meatloaf and oven potatoes (crispy the way you love them, Faby ;)), but yet we somehow forgot a cake! Later in the evening, I whipped up a mini chocolate cake and placed it in the microwave to ‘bake’. No frosting, however, because everyone in my family hates it! …except for yours truly 

Considering we were candle-less as much as we were cake-less, I fashioned a small birthday candle out of various pieces of paper and colored markers. He began to eat around it and I gasped, in shock– my dad never  blew out his candle! He quickly puffed onto it before diving into his cake. It turned out to be a pretty good birthday afterall.

One day you’ll be able to celebrate it with us. 🙂

Until then, sending you kisses from miles away,



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