Birthday Trilogy


I finally can catch my breath enough to write a few lines on the blog!!

As you know waaay too well, I celebrated my birthday three days ago and for the occasion I had 3 separate parties. I was finally able to upload some pic so you’ll be able to see the joy which came out from me turning 23. XD
The first one was with my closer family and I enjoyed it more than the others. The atmosphere was warm, the food was excellent and I even got some good gifts: 50 € from my sisters and half the money needed to pay the laptop I bought over a month ago. Such joy didn’t help when it came to the humiliating song before blowing off the candle, a.k.a. my relatives singing the english brthday song in what could only be described as a pack of wolf howling in despair, even that didn’t stop the evening to become the best out of the three dinners.20130331-003625-pola

The second dinner was at one of the most expensives restaurant in the city with my grandparents and uncles and I feel like it was somehow forced by tradition, I thank all of them though because sometime it’s good to enjoy some good food and some company from relatives you don’t see too often (another humiliant song followed, and this time I had the other clients as an audience… courtnesy of my uncle which I’m sure you remember quite too well -.-”). Plus I got the other half of the money for my laptop, looks like I’ll be able to afford a warm meal in the forthcoming months 😛

The third dinner was the most tense. I had my closer friends out for a pizza, problem is among them there’s one of my best friends and one of my best girl friends who ended their relationship 4 months ago and this was the first time in months they see each other, to make things worse I was kinda forced to send the invitation to the new gf of this friend of mine, so the table was basically splitted in two, nevertheless I gotta say the evening went pretty smooth even though I didn’t truly feel like going there (maybe I was just sick of my birthday..). Gifts were given in the shape of a sweater, two mangas I’m currently following and a parfume! We ended the evening by going to the bowling for a couple of hours and then back home. That ends the birthday trilogy.

I’d like to thank you and your family one more time for the kindness you showed me with your gift (still considered the best of them all!!). I’m still moved by that kindness and I keep your gift-card like the most precious of treasures. Be sure I’ll repay that kind ness of yours with all my being…

At the moment I’m in Umbria with my family, in a 4-stars hotel (actually cheap for its value!) and I’m gonna spend the next 3 days with them, I’ll make sure to fill the forthcoming posts with pictures.
How are you doing? Maybe because I’m spending so much time with them, I can help but missing you even more than usual.. Hope you’re doing well especially at work!
Love you, my heart. Now more than ever…
Yours forever,


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