Pasta al forno

I’m extremely late (goddamn Resident Evil 6), I gotta catch the train in 6 hours but I still want to write something about today. Woke up as usual, then breakfast and a bit of cleaning up the apartment (note to self: murder the roomies). Afternoon spent at the library like a good student doing some random stuff for a nice amount of hours (including a lovely chat with you, my love πŸ™‚ ). For 17.30 euro, I got some groceries and some work out at the gym and finally home!

Now, I don’t want to be recognized as the best chef in italy, I barely can choose what to feed myself with and if it wasn’t for you I probably would have settled for some random pasta dish. Your advice (pasta al forno) was extremely appreciated! Not only because it’s very tasty and a bit more complicated than the food I’m used to cook (and that adds up to the taste imho πŸ˜‰ ) but also because it made me feel like you were right in front of me eating the very same food like we did not more than a month ago… I have to say the preparation went smooth and the outcome was remarkable (for my standards of course).

I was so proud of myself I had to share it with my friend and my mom. I wish I never did that! Both of them watched the pics and kept saying “That’s not pasta al forno! It doesn’t look even edible!”. I mean… seriously?!? I poured myself into cooking something classy and yummy and all the could say was that? Thankfully I got you (unless you purposedly lied to me out of pity ;P) because I was extremely offended by that. 😦

Bambi, I know you were completely honest with me and I hope what happened won’t stop you from letting me cook for you. I’m willing to learn and improve myself, especially because I enjoy cooking, especially when the result offers me something different and more “homey” to eat, something that makes me feel closer to you. I know I’m exaggerating but my “too-sensitive” period keeps going on and I need some support from my girlfriend (since family and friends’ support clearly sucks -.-”). I hope you had a nice day and I’m SO looking forward to see you tomorrow, my love.

Yours Forever,


BONUS PIC: I truly hope the size will be big enough for you because to me looks so small! Moreover I tried editing the pic, I hope you remember the lamp in my room only emits bright red light! Love you!!!


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