A Few Nice Surprises


Lately my life has been filled with little bits of wonder that have been keeping me in top sprirts. I surprised my family with vegan pumpkin pie muffins and ‘pumpkin’ brownies (which tasted just like normal brownies and came out WAY fudgier than the photo) and they were not disappointed. πŸ˜‰ And I may or may not have eaten three last night as a bedtime ‘snack’.





I’ve also been experimenting with other foods (especially sriracha hot sauce, which I’ve put on everything in the past week) to try to keep surprising myself. I finally prepared the black pasta that I bought when I was in Bologna and turned it into a cheater’s asian dish, with garlic, soy sauce, and sriracha. The falafel on the side was just to help my famished tummy after going to the gym.



The other goop that you see is a hispanic-inspired white bean and bell pepper puree. I threw in yummy spices like cumin, paprika and lime juice (but NO cilantro, NEVER cilantro). I added in some nutritional yeast for a boost of flavour, which in turn downed the spicyness of the whole dish. 😦 Next time I’ll have to take note and just add the tahini that I was going to add in the first place! On top I crushed some flax crackers just for some fun texture and a big more heavyness. It was a great use of leftovers!


As for your pasta al forno, I believe you did a WONDERFUL job. Food is to be considered a success if it tastes good, not if you did the recipe “correctly”. That’s why I’m not going to consider myself a ‘vegan’ in this time, and I will stop considering myself a ‘vegetarian’, because I don’t deserve the strict title. I enjoy the food that I make, which is without meat. If you enjoy the food that you made, then it shouldn’t matter what you call it.

Ti amo tantissimo,

Bambi ❀

P.S. Grazie mille per aver preso la maglione!! E’ molto, molto carina!


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