New Experiences

Dear Faby,

I’ve been drooling over the photo of the lasagna you posted.  It sparked my memory of eating at your grandmother’s house…with that bubbling-hot liquidy lasagna. No need to add that my stomach is now growling. :/

As you know, I’ve started my new job at an Italian grocery store. They called me in a week ago for an interview and they hired me right on the spot! During the interview, he said I was over-qualified and is hoping to give me a raise by Memorial Day . It’s been pretty difficult trying to get the hang of things, but all the workers (and most of the customers) have been amazingly sweet and supportive about me being new.

As for good things eaten this week, for lunch the other day, we had leftover tomatoes, so I decided to re-make the sardinian pasta dish that you prepared for me in Bologna. 🙂


Unfortunately, eggplant is out of season here (and therefore really hard to come by), so I subbed it with more tomatoes and added some chickpeas. It also gave me an opportune moment to try out this incredible new pasta shape that De Cecco just came out with.

Today’s my day off, so I’m going to experiment with this recipe for Strudel al Radicchio that’s been sitting in my refrigerator for a couple days too long. I also found a vegan recipe for the pasta sfoglia/scifoglia here! (Did you know that it’s from your region!?)

I’ll be sure to take pictures if all goes well.

(If not, we’ll pretend this never happened…)

Wishing you were here,

Bambi ❤


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