Food from home

Yesterday it was pretty intense. I started a new project with Paolo and now we’re both webmasters! The main attraction was due to the fact people can pay more than 1000 € euros for a website and considering my knowledge on the matter, it shouldn’t be too hard to learn how to become a professional
webmaster gaining solid money doing something you’re actually studied for!

Anyway I spent the morning setting up a couple of demos to show to any potencial client then, since I was craving for some pizza, I spent a fairly amount of money (2,5 € XD) for a fairly delicious margherita. Sadly enough by the afternoon I was so tired (both phisically and mentally) I crashed at Paolo’s for some rest and some good old Resident Evil 6.

Finally we had dinner at Marco’s! Once per week we arrange for a pizza-movie evening at his place, the movie was the third and last installment of the Ocean’s saga. Since mom filled my bag with food from home and since I truly am a cheap bastard, I decided to skip pizza for once (4 €!!!) and bring my homemade lasagna (grandma’s courtesy) for dinner.


Now, I made quite a mess trying to heating it using the oven and even though it was still good after four days, I must say I still prefer pizza…

Today due to insomnia I was pretty tired since when I got up at noon… Had a quick lunch at Paolo’s, then 2 hours of classes, then gym (puked out of extreme physicall stress) and finally..



Momma’s apple pie! Actually it was not so good looking but trust me when I say that after an unexpectedly hard day nothing beat an homemade apple pie. I should really start to cook those on my own…

In conclusion, I know you’re working right now so I’ll silently go to bed hoping to dream about you and your delicious meals you used to prepare for me until 3 weeks ago. Missing you so much 😥

Yours forever,



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