Back to Bologna

After a little break in my hometown, I got back to my university town. Sadly enough the train I should have used on Monday could not be used due of a tunnel being flooded (damn rain), so I had to skip monday and tuesday morning lessons of physics and that makes me extremely uneasy (considering I should take at least three exams in june in order to get back to you). Anyway yesterday it was pretty exhausting: got up at 6, took the train at 7 and  after a 5-hours long journey. Once I got home I had the terrible revelation of what happens when I’m not home for at least 3 days: the whole house was a mess and dirt everywhere!


Jesus, why do I have to be the only one who doesn’t want to develop cancer because of the cleanliness of my house?!?


Anyway yesterday it has been a surprisingly nice day, too bad by night it started to show some clouds as you can see.

I had to follow another 5 hours of classes, followed by a little nap and then the whole evening studing with a friend of mine. I litterally crashed on my pillow (still slighting smeeling of you <3) and then it followed a 8 hours session of pleasuring sleep. Now I’m here for another extremely interesting day!! Maybe I’ll write some more in the evening before going to bed. Hope everyone has a good day and I hope you have the best day possible. Ti amo!



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