Chocolate and Other Healthy Items

Dear Faby,
Sorry that I’ve been away so long. I’ve enjoyed every single one of your posts and am INCREDIBLY proud of your risotto! I have been experimenting with new recipes and styles of cooking ever since I became vegan for Lent.

While I am seriously missing cheese, I am enjoying new things I never even knew I could make! Like..




(Recipe found here!)

I also experimented with making vegan enchiladas (no recipe, just guessing), using a store-bought sauce.


¡Viva la vegan!

In other news, a couple of days ago, I went to get my hair cut.


And, as you can see, I was terribly excited.

When it’s all done-up and curled, I’ll send you a more optimistic photo, but for now I’ll leave you only with that glorious work of art.

A presto amore!


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