No class day = boring!

No classes today (yay..), so I spent the morning playing some videogame, then breakfast, shower and cleaning up my room. In the afternoon I went at Paolo’s to give him my birthday gift, then I finally went to the gym. I was told to be fairly fit, but in July I’m gonna see you again and I know for a fact you’ll be absolutely gorgeous, so I’ll try my best to meet your expectations ;).

After gym I studied a bit on my own until you came online, then I had to wait for my lousy room mate to clean up the dishes since none were left and I couldn’t cook. Pretty humble dinner tough: pasta aglio, olio e peperoncino and some sausages, but it could have been worse, right? On the good side this will be last time I eat at home before I leave for Liguria, therefore I won’t have to get mad for a nice deal of days :D! I’m sorry but at the moment I can’t fill my articles with pics since I forgot the wire so I can’t download them from my mobile if not by going at my friends’s house to borrow some bluetooth :(, anyway I’m looking forward to make this little corner a bit more than some random words, I want it to be a window on my life so that whenever you want you can check out the world from my point of view.

Since I’ll be home in a couple of days, I’ll gather our past videos and then I’ll start upload them so whenever I want I’ll be able to rewatch those beautiful memories of us… Are you ok with that?

Another night without being able to hug, kiss, touch you. Another meaningless night. I miss you like I miss my air.

Forever yours,


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