Holy crap!

I completely forgot to update the blog yesterday. Much sorry. So disappoint. Wow

Anyway, I’ll take my train back to my house in Liguria in less than an hour, but I’ll stay there only for a few days of course! Bambi recently started a new job so she’ll be busy enough to not pay attention to the months which are still separating us.

ImmagineWe started talking about how are we gonna spend our New Year’s Eve’s holiday and I found out that no matter how bad my day was or how nervous I am, whenever I plan holiday with her I feel better. Not only because it’s always good to imagine us alone and finally together, but also because it makes me feel more adult and more mature and people who actually know me are aware that most of the time I’m not.

Back to my girlfriend, I still wasn’t able to understand if she went to a program under her university or whatever, all I care is she coming here in less than 4 months and then she will be spending 8 whole months here in Italy! I’m carefully planning every weekend or day off from university I can get, not to mention Xmas and Valentine’s Day. Moreover she’ll finally be able to attend to my Birthday party, a feature far more valuable than gifts or cards or whatever imho 😛

Now to the blog. I’m not sure how wise my professors were when they decided to teach Web Technologies. I mean they’re outrageously interesting and funny and powerful and make me feel like I actually learnt something valuable, but goddamnit DID THEY HAVE TO SKIP PHP? For anyone who doesn’t know, PHP is a programming language mainly used for Web Applications (such as WordPress itself), and I still can’t use it, I really want to customize this blog as much as possible and not being able to do so already really upsets me 😥 . Maybe in the future I’ll move the blog where I’ll be able to use my newly acquired skills, in the meantime whatever happens to this blog will be Bambi’s fault. So blame her! 🙂

Ok, I’ll better get prepared to go. It’s SO good to be back! I missed writing here!



Piano piano…

Stiamo tornando, boys and girls!!! It has been a very VERY long time since our last update but I had a whole freaking lot to do at the university and Bambi has been really busy as well! Anyway she’s coming back here in Italy for a stunning eight months period!!! I’ll write more tomorrow, I promise :p. Goodnight!!!

While you were sleeping

I realize that most blog posts are written due to insomnia, and I’m also one to never break tradition.

Faby came to visit me for the Christmas holiday and is now back in Italy, nestled in his giant bed, softly sleeping. I am currently wide awake due to a mix of personal health issues and that fact that I just really miss that boy…


Honestly, one of the reasons I can’t sleep tonight is for having watched “Her”. As most people with a long distance relationship already know, a huge part of staying close today is reliant on technology. While watching the movie, I realized how many similar approaches both Faby and I take to stay close as Joaquin Phoenix does in the film with his computer. Definitely an eye-opener if you’re curious as to how many long distance relationships work. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I felt like I was dating my iPhone! (My iPhone however doesn’t have such a pretty face <3)

Even though it was a well-done film, it can’t help but remind me that you’re gone again and there’s only time left to wait. Some days are just a little harder than others.

Until then, I’ll keep my phone close by.


Heavy period

Just a brief post. The past month and the forthcoming one are being extremely stressful (for both of us). So we couldn’t update the blog as we wanted, anyway in my freetime I’m studying how to do serious blogging and how to truly customize the blog (starting from the very code). So stay tuned! We’re still here, still together and we may even get to spend Xmas holidays in America!! Isn’t it great!?

La Sagra delle Rane

Ok, let’s talk about something very Italian. Le sagre.IMG_1091

A “sagra” is a festival created by people who live in small towns up in the mountains and is normally dedicated to a typical dish of that community. The hill where I live on usually hosts several sagre (eggplants, croquettes, ecc) and they last a couple of days (a weekend max) but basically any little town here in Liguria offers to both tourists and residents a sagra at least once per year. Yesterday I went to the famous Sagra delle Rane (Frog’s festival) with my parents and grandma, it was located in the inner region of Liguria (half a dozen’s miles from my place) and it’s one of my favorites.


I’m sorry I couldn’t take a picture of the official sign because it’s kinda funny of it depicts a little cute frog smiling at you, whereas the sign’s purpose is to go and eat that smiling frog… Anyway yesterday was the first of the three days the festival will be there and as usual it was pretty crowded. IMG_1092I like this one in particular for a reason: since there are kind of food that need to be roasted with an actual fire, they settle a bonfire on the other side of the road and they send the foodback and forth by using a cart. Apart from that the festival offered the normal stuff you can expect from a sagra: homemade food, eating outside and live music by bands (strictly in dialect for those with a fetish about italian dialects). IMG_1094In Liguria almost every sagra offers Testaieù and Asado: the first one is like a salty pancake with a topping of Pesto Genovese, is really cheap and extremely good and filling. IMG_1100About the asado, people don’t know it’s really common in Argentina, but the truth is it was invented here, in Liguria. By the end of the XIX century Ligurian emigrants went to Argentina and they brought  this recipe with them. It consist of veal meat roasting right next to a bonfire like in the picture. Asado-e1308583653308-267x300Actually I don’t like it because this cooking method doesn’t get rid of the fat which compose a good deal of the dish, but looks like people here love it so why don’t give it a taste?


Normally people think that frogs are a typical French food or that they’re not THAT good, but I’d like anyone to try them at least once before saying that, because they are THAT good. They served the lower body of frogs, fried and seasoned. On the bad side I have to say they’re little. Too little. Moreover you have to eat them while still warm or they lose all the flavor and start to harden.  They were served with some salad and because they weren’t that filling. I like to have some once per year, especially because I can say “I eat frogs!” and laugh when other people get disgusted by me… I’ve also been to the Sagra delle melanzane  but unfortunately I didn’t take any pics. Anyway it was beautifully located right in the middle of the forest behind my house. I love to go there because I get to be even closer to the lifestyle I feel I like the most.


My point of view

Just like I promised, here we are!
First of all, it looks like I used all my luck in july. Since I started working like every other summer, all I got was back aches and stress! Anyway I still remember the night spent at the airport waiting for my flight to New York. Then after several hours I finally arrived at your place more dead than alive but with enough strength to get my new haircut done the way you wanted. 😛
One of the most surprising things I noticed was the warm welcolme everyone gave me when I got home and until the very last day I found everyone to be extremely friendly and available! I enjoyed so incredibly much our holiday at the lake not only because it was our first chance to be completely alone but also because it was one of the few instances of us doing something like a real couple (which I admit to be a flaw in our relationship, even though it’s not our fault). I had a full load of meat for 18 days which stopped only during our holiday where I could appreciate your falafel, pizza and veggie. Sometimes I think about our last night together with a smile. You were clearly in a lot of pain and I was so fuzzy I barely knew my name or where I was but still I kept rubbing your head trying to make you feel better. Anyway I’d like more of these experience in the future, maybe with headache pills. 😉
The following days where filled with shopping, trips to the mall, library and some time just for the 2 of us, I feel like I couldn’t ask for anything more. The only problem was knowing everything had a expiration date and I clearly remember how painful were the last days trying to have fun while being conscious I had to get back here where all I can do is working and studying in my freetime…
I think the moment I treasure the most is the cinema-dinner-walk combo date we had 4 days before my return. It all seemed so simple yet perfect and (more importantly) it was completely natural, like we’ve been doing that stuff so many times we were completely at ease with it (and that’s NOT our case). I remember every single detail and I enjoed every moment of it (including the glass of wine each of us had XD). Hopefully we will be able to share some of those moments without being haunted with me or you leaving again. I’m particularly happy you like the necklace, for it is not only a gift but something tangible and real I wanted you to touch and grab whenever you feel like all of this is too heavy for you. I’m sorry I’m not able to put on words all I keep inside of me but as I said I’m going through a pretty tough period and it won’t be over before another month, during which it can only get worse.
Hope I don’t sound too melodrammatic!! I’m just being a crybaby because all I do is working and studying and barely getting any sleep 😛
I als wanted to improve the blog but in order to achieve waht I want I will have to study a lot more, so for the next weeks I hope you’ll be ok with this…
I’m sorry this period is being hard also on your side and I hope you’ll be able to survive it with the same intentions we had when we were at the airport waiting for my plane to take me back home. It has been without a doubt my best holiday in the whole year and I can’t wait to get there again.
Con tutto il mio affetto, amore e dolcezza,
Tuo per sempre,


P.S. As a bonus, here’s the video showing the house we spent the most awesome holiday ever! Enjoy and remember I’m italian and I also have a LOUSY camera ;P


Not yet

Hi everyone, I wanted to write a full article about my point of view on the wonderful trip I took to my only and true love but today I’m feeling too tired and I’d like to write it when I’m at the max of my capabilities, so keep holding on for another day or two. Ok? I promise it will be worth the wait 🙂
Bambi, I love you like always and even more…